Healthy & Fruitful Leadership

Biblical Christian leadership in our churches is critical to the health of our denomination, our congregations and our leaders. Those who lead God’s people are to lead consistently with the plan, purposes and character of God. Jesus Christ is our model for Christian leadership but he is also the reason we lead-we are sinners loved by God in Christ-and this must define who we are.

This four-part series collectively covers a discussion of the attributes of the overseer in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 under the broad headings of The Household Of Self, The Leader’s Household and God’s Household, the church.

The importance of godly character over skills in the life of the overseer, is a timely reminder of the ongoing spiritual transformation necessary for the Christian leader. A review of First Century households, highlights the diverse and personal nature of the role of the overseer but also raises the issue of how we are to train such leaders. The 4th paper explores the church as God’s household through the lens of Paul’s model of ministry in the churches he planted. We need to recapture a vision of what the church is called by God to be and therefore what needs to shape the life of the church’s leaders.