Presbyterian After College Training (P.A.C.T.)

PACT is now in its third year of operation, providing intentional training to support new pastors and grow their ministries.

16 men were invited to attend PACT in 2024;

9 are in the third year of the PACT program,

3 are in the second year of the PACT program,

4 are in the first year of the PACT program.

The timing of the training, scheduled for the period after Easter (29 April to 2 May 2024), is significant. We wanted those attending to have experienced something of the “weight” of ministry and to be ready to share some of the ups and downs of their first term and a half in a church role.

The training is framed around a three-year curriculum made up of a live-in and two one-day zoom sessions every year.

The course is unashamedly Presbyterian. The Committee is committed to promoting sustainable and healthy ministry within the Presbyterian denomination.

As resolved by the Assembly, polity classes began last year with our second cohort and this training is now being run by the Queensland Theological College. We are thankful for this polity training which operates in parallel with the PACT program retreat and workshops.

PACT retreat and workshops are led by Rev Dave Thurston and Rev Mike O’Connor. At this year’s PACT live in retreat, Dave and Mike facilitated discussions on ministry issues like, conflict styles and conflict management, leadership character and leadership development, Eldership, and challenges in ministry. Dave also led biblical reflections from the book of Philippians. Rev Peter Evans and Rev Stuart Hoadley were guest contributors, leading discussion sessions about vision, resources and mistakes made and lessons learnt from their years of ministry experience.

Please continue to pray for the spiritual growth and strengthening of the PACT attendees so they can continue to serve Christ wholeheartedly in their ministries.