The Eldership Papers  – Updated April 2024

These Eldership Papers are provided to support the training of elders in the Presbyterian Church of Queensland (PCQ). The papers were commissioned by the Committee on Ministry Resourcing at the request of the 2023 PCQ Assembly.

The Eldership Papers are unashamedly built on the principles of Presbyterianism; the need to be interdependently responsible to each other, not only in the local church, but throughout the structures of our denomination. Elders are fundamental to that health as they are represented at every level of our denomination’s life and structure.

It is our prayer that the Eldership Papers will be used by the Lord to strengthen the core of our Church by helping elders to more fully understand their God-given role and by encouraging elders to wholeheartedly live out their role in God’s strength and to His glory.


You can download a single PDF containing all the Eldership Papers:

The Eldership Papers 1-6

or you can download individual units below:

Eldership Paper One – Elders and the Church

Eldership Paper Two – Elders and the Pastoral Role

Eldership Papers Three – Elders and the Minister

Eldership Papers Four – Elders and the Session

Eldership Paper Five – The Elder and the Denomination

Eldership Papers Six – The Elder and his Promises