In the video linked below Dave Thurston helps us think about eldership in a sermon from 1 Timothy 3.
This sermon was given at a Queensland Presbyterian Church in 2021. Within the Presbyterian denomination the code states “When it is proposed to have an election of Elders, the Minister preaches on the duties and qualifications of the Eldership at public worship on a Sunday or Sundays prior to the day appointed.” (Elders Elected by Communicants 3.33) This is done because the right to elect an elder belongs to the communicants (members) of the congregation.
This sermon was given to help the congregation consider the role of an elder as they looked to elect a new elder.

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Discussion Questions

1. “We often teach that character is the primary qualification for calling. No. character is the calling.” How true is this in the light of 1 Timothy 3?
2. While this passage has specifically overseers in mind, why and how should we apply this more broadly within our churches?
3. Why is ‘leadership’ so important in the church?