Mentor Equipping Queensland has been set up to expand the pool of Christian Mentors in Queensland.
In the video linked below Dave Thurston helps us think about eldership in a sermon from 1 Timothy 3. This
In an earlier article entitled Love vs Loyalty, I explored the danger of using a framework of ‘capital L’ Loyalty
The Johari Window resource is a helpful framework for thinking about ourselves and two aspects that help us grow to
Guilt: ‘I’ve done something wrong.’ Shame: ‘Something is wrong with me and others can see it.’ Understanding Guilt & Shame
Grief: Disappointed, Unhappy, Upset, Dissatisfied, Discouraged, Tired, Loss, Misunderstood, Sick, Grieving, Lost, Heartbroken, Sorrowful, Distressed, Hopeless, Dejected, Hurt, Anguish, Agonised,